Main conditions and obstacles for Organizing Inclusive Adult education and Teaching for Adults with learning Disabilities as participants in general courses or special courses in general Adult Education Centres

recognized by project leaders in special diploma studies, project-leaders in Adult Education Centres providing courses for people with severe learning disabilities, and a participant/learner in general studies in secondary education, experience from diploma studies and experience of special courses for learning disabled people.

Peer tutor – project leaders and learner all name peer tutor as the first and most important factor in enabling a learning disabled learner to participate in formal studies with non-disabled learners. Peer tutor helps the disabled learner to understand the content and supports him/her in homework, group-work and projects of study. As a by-product the tutor enables the learner to better integrate into the society and social activities.

Attitude of teacher – welcoming and respecting the disabled learner is vital. More important often than special adaption of content.

Adaption of the presentation of content – has often been appreciated by the nondisabled peers as well, and some teachers have come to the conclusion that the study as whole has been better, without violating the content.

Introductions and presentations – for the society, both teachers/educators and learners are important to diminish insecurity.

What is the aim of the disabled learner(s) being studying at this school/organization/place/participating in the same study as nondisabled learners. – or in special courses in the same localization as nondisabled …

What is to be expected of the society, educators, consultants, learners, administrator personnel – of the disabled learners

What demands can be done, educational, social, communicational to the disabled learner

Time – Attitude of teachers and learners get more relaxed and welcoming with time and experience

Gain of special courses in general adult educational centres?
All three project leaders point out that being in same locals increases self-esteem as worthy.

            They had experience of learning disabled people in special courses gaining self-confidence to participate in general courses later

It also includes the disabled people in the local society as they get known by other learners in the area in a different way than before.