Organizing Inclusive Adult education – General step-by-step Guidelines

Collect information from the learner – Only collect information relevant for the study. What do you need to know?

Communication skills – methods – technical aids

Social factors – skills and barriers

Interests – pleasures – earlier experience – special wishes

Mobility/physical challenges – Perception / study skills

·      Practical adaption of the course

Including form of study material and communication, breaks, duration of each class, size of group, need for assistance/tutor etc.

Teaching methods have to be related both to the purpose, the participants, the teacher and the frames in general

·      Prepare the learners – good and relevant information before the course starts

Information to the individual disabled learner in the form best accessible for him/her – e.g. interview, meeting before study start, visual material, other?

Information for other learners at the same course?

Information for other staff at the learning place?