Step 1

Organizing Inclusive Adult education – General step-by-step Guidelines

To do when you wish to adapt your courses to include learners with disabilities:

Check the basic condition for the courses you offer:

·      What group of disabled people do you want to reach?

·      What criteria must the student stand up to? (E.g. shall the disabled learners be able to learn as fast as others, given adaptation needed, shall he/she be able to read/write given technical aid, shall he/she have some working skills necessary for the program?).

Physical ability – Cognitive ability – Communication skills – Social skills

Working/studying skills (e.g. reading or fine motoric)

Need for technical aid – assistance – interpreter – peer tutor system

·      Is there a need for a special evaluation process at the attendance?

The learning place – is the location and facilities accessible for all?

· Doors and thresholds, elevator, restroom, equipment.

 Announcement and registration – are your systems accessible for all?

· Information in relevant placement, where and how to apply.

Examine content and purpose of each course that shall be available to all:

·      Is there a need to change the purpose of the study, or shall there be different demand on outcome or achievement for the disabled learners?
Will the disabled learner get the same rights as other learners, given achievement within regular limits of outcome?
Will the learner get limited rights according to his achievement if it is supposed to be less than demanded of other learners?

·      Is the content relevant for all students?

What general courses can meet the wishes of the target group and may be adapted without compromising the study of others?

What courses shall be made as special offer for disabled people and why?

Purpose or contents special to the target group?

Extensive adaption of contents?

Extensive adaption of physical situation or teaching methods?

Extensive and profound need of support?

Bear in mind that inclusive studies for profoundly disabled people may sometimes be easier to reach by same location as other learners and sharing the social area even if the learning is in special facilities

·      To find out if the course must be changed to include the target group of disabled people , ask:

Disability organisations, advocacy groups or focus groups of disabled people

Teachers/professionals/social services

Experienced administrators