Generel Guidelines

Organizing Inclusive Adult education – General step-by-step Guidelines

1.     To do when you wish to adapt your courses to include learners with disabilities:
Check out if your course is accessible for people with disabilities when it comes to announcement and learning place. Contact disability organizations if you need guidance. 

2.     To do when you have decided to announce one specific course as accessible to all:
Be specific about program, contents and goal as you define your target groups. 

3.     To do after learners have registered and you actually know you have learners with disabilities:
Collect relevant information about the participants with disability, such as: communication skills, mobility and previous experience. Then adapt the course with suitable learning material, length of course and breaks and eventually any need for assistance. Prepare the learner with disability, and if necessary all the learners, with relevant information.

4.      During the course:
The first meeting: Learners with disabilities are first and foremost learners like any other. A friendly welcome and focus on the course content is important. This is much easier if you are well prepared and have already made the necessary adaptations. Prepare before each lesson, you may have to make changes as the course progresses. 

5.     Evaluation:
Evaluation according to purpose of the course.
Evaluation by the learners according to expectations.