Funkis – best practise

This is not ONE specific „Best Practise“, but the way we arrange all our courses, accordingly we have filled in answers to the questions asked below.

Kind of educational activity?
All kinds of activity.

The activity is accessible for the whole population or only for persons with disability?
Activities are adapted for disabled, but are open for everyone.

Is it for specific kind of disability? -  If yes – please identify.
All kinds of disability. We have 80 member organisations.

Age of learners?
Participants aged from 14-100 years

How many times per month?
Variations depending on the responsible organisation – weekend, weekly, monthly, one day.

Is it formal or non-formal education?
Non-formal education

Is it education for leisure, hobby or professional skills?
Mostly organisation- and health-skills education, leisure/hobby and physical activity

Is it possible to find a job after this education? - Maybe they have some statistic data?

Do the special needs educators or personal assistance is provided?

What kind of assistance?
Interpreters, personal assistance

Does specific social services are providing (i.e. transportation or similar)?
Some people have free transport

Does the educator need specific materials or equipment to educate persons with disabilities?

Does the educator has background of working with persons with disability?
Might be. Volunteers and peers do a lot of work

Did the educator obtain the specific background in the specific learning establishment or does he/she is self-learner?
Organisations provide such courses to educate assistants needed

Does the activity receive state support?

Is it paid activity? How many?
Some participants pay and some teachers are paid

Education process organizing;