Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together. Partners in the project "Be inclusive - adult education for all" is:

FJOLMENNT, Adult education and resource center, Iceland

Contactperson: Anna Soffia Oskarsdottir

Fjölmennt adult education and resource center, Island.
Information on Fjölmennt adult education and resource center, Island. Fjölmennt is an adult course-and resource center for learning disabled people, 20 years old and older.
Fjölmennt also provides special educational consultation for adult education centers national wide in order to enable them to develop educational opportunities for people with learning disabilities, enable them to meet individual needs of the students, and educate their teachers.
Fjölmennt provides a broad variation of courses in adult education to people with different kind of learning disabilities, but mostly for people with severe and profound disabilities in area of cognitive learning disabilities, multiply disabilities and autism.
Courses can be focused on perception, communication, social participation, experience, leisure, knowledge or skills in different areas.
The courses are usually once a week, for one semester at a time, but people can apply for most courses again as long as they wish. There is no upper limit in age, nor lower limit in function for attendants. Each semester around 300 persons attend to Fjölmennt's courses.
Fjölmennt partly finances adult educational courses for additional 400 persons in the different centers around Iceland.
Fjölmennt is a non-profit institution under the two countrywide organisations for disabled people: Þroskahjálp, organization of associations for learning disabled people and their relativs and Öryrkjabandalagið, organization of associations for disabled people.
Fjölmennt is financed through a service-contract with the ministry of education and low course-fee for students.

FUNKIS, Norwegian Cooperation of Adapted Adult Education Norway

Contactperson: Marianne Ween

Studieforbundet Funkis i an umbrella NGO with 67 member organisations, with in total around 320000 individual members. Funkis is politically indipendent, our goal is to support and develop and coordinate education within our member organisations. The member organisations are our owners, and elect
our board in our yearly assembly. Funkis collects and develops competence on adapted education
with the help of the member organisations and their volonteers. Funkis is registered and confirmed as 'studieforbund' according to Norwegian law. This means that we receive funds from the Ministry of Education, funds that are (90%) allocated to our member organisations' spesific learning activities. The learning activities consentrate on three main themes: Health, diagnosis, physical activities etc.
Organisation: Developing competence in running an organisation, planning activities etc.
Crafts and interests, from languages, to handicraft to IT to cultural competence.
We support more than 100000 hours of learning in 6000 courses every year. We allocate more
than 25 million Norwegian kroner to these courses. We also develop cmmon competences like self mangagement courses, user participatin courses and net coaching. Funkis was founded in 1994 and celebrated its 20 year anniversary in september 2014. We have a professional staff of 5 persons.


Contactperson: Karin Ekermann

The Study Promotion Association is one of the largest study associations in Sweden. It is a non-profit NGO for non formal adult education. We yearly arrange about 40 000 study circles and about 50 000 cultural events, such as lectures, concerts, plays and exhibitions, in all municipalities.

Nature, environment, cultureWe are not affiliated to any political party, church or union. Our member organisations mainly dealwith issues concerning nature, animals, environment and culture. Some of our members are The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, The National Federation of Swedish 4H, Friends of the Earth Sweden, The Swedish Outdoor Association and MoKS, an umbrella organisation for music and culture associations.

Activities for everybody
Everybody is welcome to our activities. We have a strong commitment towards socially and culturally disadvantaged groups in society, for example physically or mentally disabled persons.

EPIK, Estonian Chamber of Disabled People

Contactperson: Anneli Habicht

The Estonian Chamber of Disabled People (shortly EPIK) is a legal body voluntarily created and publicly acting, joining together societies and unions of people with disabilities all over Estonia. EPIK was established on February 26th 1993. Today EPIK has 46 member organisations, of which 16 county level umbrella organisations for people with disabilities (15 counties and the city of Tallinn) and 30 (national covering all of Estonia) disability-specific unions and societies. EPIK have been actively involved in drawing up the concept of inclusive education strategies. The organisation is also backing strongly up for families with disabiled children, facilitation accession to differnet kind of support schemes for inclusive education, social protection, childcare etc. We regularily provide training for our membership and stakeholders, in light of UN Convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities. An important task of the organisation is change attitudes in society through education.

SUSTENTO, Latvian Umbrella Body for Disability Organisations

Contactperson: Daiga Veinberga

The Latvian Umbrella body for Disability Organizations SUSTENTO is non-profit organization uniting
45 nongovernmental organizations, which incorporate people with different disabilities and chronic illnesses. The organization has 50 thousand members and works across all of Latvia. The general objective of SUSTENTO is to take care of the common interests of the member organizations. The aim of the organization is to promote opportunity of equal participation for all members of the society,
to enable protection of rights of people with disabilities in order to provide inclusion of them in to
society. SUSTENTO is an organization which has with previous projects insured reliability in the eyes
of the public and confirmed that the basis of every activity is situation analysis and adequately chosen methods, to accomplish the main task in eliminating any problem – making information available and receivable. SUSTENTO is working to promote equitable and effective access to any kind of services.

LNF, Lithuanians Forum for the Disabled

Contactperson: Lina Garbenciute

Asociacija "Lietuvos neįgaliųjų forumas" (LNF) (EN. Lithuanian forum for the Disabled) was established in 27 August, 2001. LNF is an umbrella, non-governmental, non-profit organization. At the moment it has 14 members – national organizations representing over 280 000 people with disabilities and their families members in Lithuania.
The mission of LNF is: to strive toward state policy that promotes human, social and economical rights for disabled. LNF follows the principles of equal possibilities for all and nondiscrimination for people with disabilities.
The work direction of LNF is: to promote disability in the governmental and local policy, as well as influencing process of adopting positively set legislation for people with disabilities, to promote policy, which protect rights of the people with special disabilities, to cooperate with different agencies on national and local level. Representatives of LNF participate in various levels working groups for improving education system for persons with disabilities.
One of LNF working areas is inclusive education for people with disabilities. It is recognized that
low educated people face with a risk of poverty more often that people with high qualification.
TLNF has close cooperation with the ISM University of Management and Economics in Lithuania, Šiauliai University, Lithuanian Educology University. Two years ago we had focused issue regarding improvement of ISM services for students with disability. At the moment LNF is coordinating partner in the Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci partnership project "Recommendations for Inclusive Vocational and Higher education for Persons with Disabilities". The skills and knowledge obtained during this project will help for our common project. LNF provides training courses regarding UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Human Rights implementation and defense, accessibility and disability etiquette in Lithuania. The mid terms goals for LNF are to become teaching resources center and provide disability related training for stakeholders.
LNF is member organisation of European Disability Forum which unites all disability umbrella and international disability organizations, working in inclusive education as well.

LAAE, Lithuanian Association of Adult Education

Contactperson: Dalia Cymbaliuk

Lithuanian Association of Adult Education (LAAE) was established on 24 February 1992. LAAE is a public non-profit independent union of individuals and organizations of various types. In 2015 there are 127 individual and 32 legal members, 8 regional branches.
MISSION of Association:
LAAE in cooperation with Lithuanian and foreign adult educators and institutions, is calling get together individuals and representatives of various organizations for the purpose to promote an approach of Life Long Learning within the society and the development of an opportunities for continuing education. Strategic developments of LAAE are:
- Development of regional bodies;
- Development and dissemination of methodology for adult education trainers;
- Development of leadership skills within NGOs;
- Development of adult education policy within regions.
LAAE is participating in creation of the main policy documents and legal acts on education. LAAE was the initiator of adopting the Law on Non-formal Adult Education (active from 1998). According the Law on Education LAAE sends its representative to the Council of Education of Lithuania which enables to advocate the interests of adult education in education policy debates.
Our activities are based upon such principles:
- Openness for ideas, initiatives and experience;

- Responsible and good willing work within a team;
- Efficiency, e.g. to fulfill tasks in time and according agreed standards.
AIMS of the Association:
-To invite adult educators and the institutions, discussing adult education
issues, for joint work;
-To develop adults capacities for active participation in their professional and
community life;
- To develop adults need for continuous education;
- To represent Lithuanian adult educators in the country and abroad.

To realize those aims, Association is focusing its activities in such directions:
• Adults Teaching / Learning Methods and Development of Skills to Work with Adult Groups;
• NGO Leaders Training; Development of NGO Strategy;
• Development of Adults Civic Skills;
• Adults Social Initiatives Possibilities Development.

Those activities take such forms:
- Seminars and conferences;
- Study visits abroad;
- Consultations;
- International Projects;
- Gathering and Dissemination of Information
- E-journal “Savišvieta” (“Self Education”);
- Mediation for getting contacts in adult education.

Other main activities are: organization of Adult Education Weeks, development partnership with similar organizations from other countries, non-formal meetings of LAAE members.

1. In 1993 Association became a member of European Adult Education Association (EAEA).
2. In 2003 LAAE became a members of ReferNet, the European network of reference and
expertise provides high quality.
information on a wide range of developments in Vocational Education and Training (VET)
3. In 2007 LAAE became a member of the National Non-Governmental Development Cooperation Organisations’ Platform (NGDO Platform). LAAE participated in NGDO Platform meetings and events
at national and international levels, providing ideas for preparing documents to domestic institutions engaged in development cooperation, is working in the fields of development education.
4. Nordic – Baltic network of Adult Education.
5. Since 2014 LAAE is a members of international network EBSN (European Basic Skills Network).
The LAAE is also:
• One of the establishers of the Estate Academy of Rumšiškės museum.
• A co-ordinator of the Baltic Sea NGO Network for Lithuania, .
• A associate partner of the international LEM Network (Learning Museum Network, ).

DOF, Denmark

Contactperson: Niels-Anton Svendsen

Dansk Oplysnings Forbund (DOF) is a national organization consisting app. 250 free and independent member evening schools which offer adult education on a non-formal basis.
DOF's main objectives are to promote the interrests of its member schools and to improve the conditions for ALL on a more general basis. To fulfill its objectives, DOF offer both concrete services and support
to its member schools and is highly involved with the development of the schools educational programs. DOF wishes, through the activities of its member schools to contribute to the development of personal, social and professional skills in order to strengthen broad general education of the individual. The idea
is to support and enhance the citizens desire to take an active part in the development of society. In this process DOF also works internationally to strengthen intercultural understanding.
DOF has a special focus on inclusive education. Each year app. 150.000 hours is spent on training adults with disability out of 350.000 hours in total.DOF has a Disability and Special education Committee consisting of 7 representatives picked from the member schools that implements educational options for adults with disabilities. The options span from a very wide range of topics - from creative arts, IT, more traditional school subjects to subjects in movement and health.
For the moment DOF have some inclusive education, but we want to improve the inclusive education in according to the principles in the UN Convention on the rights for persons with disability.

DOF will contribute to the project with our experiences and testing specific guidelines and training programs for teachers during the project.
DOF will construct and manage the web-site